333222_3588483530052_217476208_oKatrice Johnson owner of Graphic Grooves has her bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a concentration on Graphic Design. She also has an Associates in Art and Associates in Computer Science.

Katrice started her business because at the time she was one of the first black females to get her degree in Graphic Design in Pensacola, and after graduating from college, and going on several interviews, got tired of being told she would be bored with doing graphic design and to try an other field by white business owners.

So, she launched Graphic Grooves Production Company in 2002 has been in business for 16 years servicing her community. Some of her clients consist of Pensacola State College (the Collegiate Adult High), The American Cancer Society, Community Action of Pensacola and many others.

Some of her greatest accomplishments are exhibiting at the Pensacola Naval Aviation Museum 2015; ADDY Award Winner in 2015, and 2016. Heading up the Pensacola Small Business Exchange  to serve her community and the Powerlink Expo’s that helped small businesses connect with large corporation from 2011 – 2013

Since inception of her business, Katrice has taken pride in helping her clients to expand in business by using her skill in graphic design, social media, and marketing. She is also skilled in photography.

As a Marketing Specialist and Graphic Designer, Katrice collaborates and contracts with small, medium, and large businesses.  She helps bring innovative ideas for design and content creation to the business teams that use her expertise and eye for great design. She scopes and creates templates for outside marketing agencies to be more efficient in their posting on social media, the blog, email, and other channels. In addition, she manages other design needs such as presentations, signage, and trade show collateral as needed.