Business Plans

We assist start up businesses that are struggling trying to get their vision off the ground. We sit down with them and walk them through a step by step strategy by asking the right questions so you can get a clear and concise business business plan.  We help you determine how long your business plan should be, your goals and objectives, who to give it to once is finished, and why.

In addition, we help small business owners find solutions to performance issues that will help them improve on their business results.  We take the time to do an analysis and on your company and that will help you determine your trouble spots. To that end, our consultations are about hearing your story and sharing options that are effective. The quality of consultative advice rests on the quality of the picture you share.

We give ask the right questions and give them the information that will help your business work towards setting systems in place in order to help them build your business on an “A1” level. This is designed to help you get clarity of thought and mind when going into business.

Once your thoughts have been conveyed, then we take your plan and put it into a workable portfolio, or proposal which can be used to grow their business, by obtaining clients, or even assist them in getting investors.

We do a drill down into your business and get to the meat of what needs to be addressed by helping you build from the bottom up. Though we focus on the basics you will see that there is a huge change in your business once we are done.

What We Focus On:

Executive Summary

Company Description

Market Analysis

Organization and Management

Service or Product Line

Marketing and sales

Funding Request

Financial Projections


Our fee for consultation is $50.00 and if the consultation results in a proposal we waive the fee.