We believe in keeping  information which concerns or relates to the trade secrets, processes, operations, style of works, or apparatus, or to the production, sales, shipments, purchases, transfers, identification of customers, inventories, or amount or source of any income, profits, losses, or expenditures of any person, firm, partnership, corporation, or other organization, or other information of commercial value, the disclosure of which is likely to have the effect of either impairing the  Commission’s ability to obtain such information as is necessary to perform its statutory functions, or causing substantial harm to the competitive position of the  person, firm, partnership, corporation, or other organization from which the information was obtained, unless the  Commission is required by law to disclose such information. Our client privacy is extremely important to us and will not be exposed unless it:

is already known to the party to which it is disclosed;

is or becomes part of the public domain without breach of this Agreement;

is obtained from third parties, which have no obligations to keep confidential to the parties to this Agreement.

We believe in privacy and handling our clients with the upmost care.  We do not divulge any information unless it is noted within the confines of the contract.